Holy Hack
March 10 & 11 2023
Doors: 6:30 PM

Academics for Technology is super excited to be organizing Belgium’s most epic hackathon this year. Are you interested to innovate, co-create and learn? Then our hackathon is something for you! It will take place in OHL on 10th-11th March 2023!

What is Holy Hack?

Holy Hack is a 24h hackathon which can best be described as an “invention marathon”. Students who are interested in technology, or the business aspect of it, participate in a hackathon to learn, build and share their ideas in an enthusiastic and welcoming atmosphere. You can bring your ideas to life by programming software, building prototypes and also working out the business side of one of the cases given at the event, all in a team of 5 participants. Thus, not everyone in your team needs to know how to code!

Since Holy Hack focuses on the business side as well, apart from working out a prototype, your team will also have to work out a business plan. Therefore, we advise you to have a balanced team of at least 2 developers and a business student.

Curious about what cases there will be? We’ll have a variety of categories so we’re sure there will be a case that interests you! The categories this year might be Web3.0, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Chatbots, and many more! The definitive categories will be announced on the Facebook page the weeks prior to Holy Hack…

Timeline of the event

6:30 PM – Doors open [Friday March 18th]
7 PM – Opening Ceremony
9 PM – Workshop: Design Thinking
8 AM – Yoga [Saturday March 19th]
10 AM – Workshop: AI 
3 PM – Workshop: Pitching
7 PM – Start Pitching
10 PM – Prize Ceremony

*there will be all kinds of entertainment throughout the day and night!

To be announced. 

Why should you participate?

Well there are too many reasons to sum up! It’s an amazing experience in which you will learn a lot and be able to network with professionals. Furthermore, there will be awesome prizes to win. The winning team will receive a €1000 cash prize! here are also plenty of other prizes for the runner-ups like airtags, wireless speakers and some more. If that’s not enough to convince you, we’ll arrange nice food and goodies, all this for free if you participate!

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You can build anything that is technology-related and provides a solution to one of our cases. Web, mobile, games, hardware, … the possibilities are endless! Next to developing a prototype, you will also have to present your business plan.

Students of higher education can apply. You don’t need to have tons of experience in coding or business. If you have a great interest in technology and are motivated to learn, you can definitely participate.

You don’t have to pay anything to participate, as long as you show up!

Well it’s an essential part of a hackathon… 😉 

You definitely need a laptop and good WiFI, the rest is up to you!

No problem! Students of all skill levels are welcome. We provide workshops and coaches to help you with your project.

At Holy Hack, not only developers are needed. You can still work out a business plan, or work on the design, and help brainstorming for a killer idea. If you already know the basics, you can follow various workshops throughout the hackathon and sharpen your skills.

After 24 hours of working on your project, you will have to pitch your business plan to a jury as well as discuss your code. You will get a couple of minutes for both.

A team consists of 5 participants. We recommend a balanced team with at least 2 developers and 1 business student.

A team has no more than 5 members, and will participate in one of our cases. We advise you to have at least 2 developers on your team. Don’t worry if you have trouble assembling a team on your own. In the weeks leading up to the hackathon, we will provide a platform to help you form a team with other registered participants.

No. To keep things fair, nobody is allowed to work on the project before the start of the event. You are also not allowed to work on existing projects. However, you can still prepare yourself by brainstorming for ideas and learning the tools that you intend to use beforehand.

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